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When Benefits are Paid

The sums credited to each Vacation/Holiday account for work performed during the period from August 1 of one calendar year through July 31 of the following calendar year will be distributed within a reasonable time before the start of the Vacation Year beginning January 1 of the following calendar year.

The distribution of Vacation/Holiday benefits and supplemental payments, if any, will be made by checks mailed to Active Participants every November 30.

How Benefits are Paid

Effective January 1, 2024, the vacation distribution changed to a monthly distribution through the OE Credit Union.  

Accessing Your Vacation Payment

Accessing Your Vacation Payment (Spanish)

2024 Monthly Vacation Payment Schedule

2024 Monthly Vacation Payment Schedule (Spanish)

Payments in the Event of Death

Each Participant entitled to benefits under the Plan should file a Beneficiary designation. The individual designated as Beneficiary will be the person to whom benefits will be paid in the event of a Participant’s death.

If the Participant has not named a Beneficiary or if the designated Beneficiary is deceased or cannot be located, the benefits will be paid to the person or persons entitled to the benefits under the law.


The Board of Trustees is obligated to recoup and recover any overpayments or payments otherwise incorrectly made to you or your beneficiary or any other parties.  In doing so, it has the discretion to pursue whatever legal means are available to it, including offsetting your future benefit payments from the Plan.