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About the Vacation Plan 

The Vacation/Holiday Plan became effective in 1963 and is a legal Trust Fund set up for the purpose of providing vacation benefits for participating Cement Masons. 

Contributions to the Vacation Plan

The contributions to the Plan are made by participating Employers who contribute to the Vacation/Holiday Fund

in accordance with their written Collective Bargaining Agreement, a Subscriber’s Agreement, or the Trust Agreement.  All contributions to the Vacation/Holiday Fund are the wages of the Participant.

Who is Covered by the Vacation Plan

Only Employees of Contributing Employers who work under the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Northern California District Council of Plasterers and Cement Masons or one of its local unions or who perform work for the District Council of Plasterers and Cement Masons for which Contributions are made to the Trust Fund Office.

Unpaid Vacation/Holiday Earnings

Each Employer must provide a check stub or statement of earnings and deductions to each Employee.  It is advised that you retain the check stubs  or statements of earnings to verify accuracy of your benefit payment.  This is the best proof of how much should have been contributed by the employers for Vacation/Holiday benefits.