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Filing an Application  

The first step is to request a pension application from the Trust Fund Office or your Local Union Office. Complete, sign, date and mail your application to the Trust Fund Office before the month you want your pension to start.

If you are otherwise eligible for a pension, it becomes effective on the first day of the month after a completed pension application is filed, or on the first day of the first month after you have stopped working and have retired, whichever is the later date. For example, if you want your pension to be effective on July 1, your application must be received at the Trust Fund Office by June 30, and you must have stopped working as of that date.

You must complete the pension application in full. Leave no question unanswered. Once you have completed the pension application, sign, date and mail it to the Trust Fund Office. Your completed pension application must be postmarked no later than the month before you want your Annuity Starting Date to begin (the date you want your pension to begin – the first day of any calendar month). If you need assistance completing the pension application, call the Trust Fund Office and speak to a Pension Fund representative.

Pension Application

Submitting Documents with an Application

Along with your application, you should send proof of your birth date and, if applicable, proof of your Spouse’s birth date and your marriage certificate and/or divorce documents. If you do not have the necessary documents at the time you are ready to mail the completed and signed pension application to the Trust Fund Office, do not delay sending the application. You can mail the documents later.

If You Are Applying for a Disability Pension

If you are applying for a Disability Pension, you should indicate on your application whether you have applied for a Social Security Disability benefit. If you are awarded a Social Security Disability benefit (or its equivalent), you must submit proof of entitlement to the Trust Fund Office. You should submit a copy of the Social Security Notice of Award (or its equivalent) to the Trust Fund Office so that it is received within 12 months from the date on the Social Security Disability Notice of Award so your Disability Pension may begin as soon as possible. In the absence of a Social Security Disability benefit, or its equivalent, you must submit a doctor’s statement on a form approved by the Board as well as medical records that relate to the disability that demonstrate you are unable to perform work in the Building and Construction Industry.

If You Are or Have Been Divorced

In general, your pension benefits from this Plan cannot be claimed by any creditor, nor can you, your Spouse or Beneficiary transfer any rights to these benefits to any other person or entity. However, under the terms of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), your former Spouse may be assigned an interest in your pension benefits upon the termination of your marriage.

With the exception of certain orders entered prior to January 1, 1985, the Fund is only required to comply with a Qualified Domestic Relations Order as defined in the Retirement Equity Act (29 U.S.C. §1056(d)) and Internal Revenue Code §414(p). Under that definition, the order must be a judgment, decree or order made pursuant to state law relating to child or spousal support, or marital property rights directing that all or part of a Participant’s benefit be paid to an alternate payee.

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Surviving Spouse or Pre-Retirement Death

Your surviving Spouse must file an application with the Trust Fund Office for the Surviving Spouse Pension on an application form approved by the Board. This application should be requested from the Trust Fund Office immediately following your death so that your surviving Spouse may know when her survivor benefit will begin and the amount.

Pre-Retirement (Surviving Spouse) Pension Application