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Benefits will be paid to each Participant only to the extent that contributions have been received by the Fund for him, and further, provided that the Participant has filed with the Fund Office an Enrollment Form with his current address.

The period during which vacations may be taken will be from January 1 through December 31 of each year (designated the Vacation Year).

Benefit Payment Calculation

The benefit payment calculated amount is the portion of contributions made to the Vacation/Holiday account minus supplemental union dues during a six-month period.

It is presumed that the Vacation/Holiday payment is accurate unless challenged by the recipient within 60 days after the transmittal of the check.

Statement of Account

Previous to your benefit payment, the Trust Fund Office will send you a Statement of Account that lists the hours reported and paid by your employer during the six-month work period.  Benefit payment will be paid only to the extent that contributions have been received by the Trust fund.

If the Vacation/Holiday column shows SUSP that means the the employer reported the hours but did not submit the contributions.

It is important to review your Statement of Account and report any discrepancy you find to the Trust Fund Office.  The Trust Fund Office will make an effort to collect contributions from delinquent Employers.  Keep a copy of your Statement for future reference.

Loss of Benefits

If the Board is not advised of an address to which notices and checks may be sent to a participant within 4 calendar years after the stat of a Vacation Year, or if the amount of his account is not withdrawn within 4 calendar years for any reason, the amount of that account, including any amount received after the start of a Vacation Year, with respect to that Vacation Year, will be deemed contributed to the cost of maintaining the Plan in effect, and any check issues for any amount will be void and ineffective.