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Active & Retired Participants

When you first become eligible as an Active Participant, you are automatically enrolled in the Direct Payment Plan for hospital-medical benefits, which includes benefits for prescription Drugs, the self-funded Delta Dental Plan and the Vision Service Plan. You must, however, enroll your Dependents in the Plan by completing an Enrollment Form and supply certain documents.

Dependent Enrollment

You may enroll the following Dependents:

  • Your lawful spouse 
  • Your children under the age of 26, if they are your natural born children, stepchildren, adopted children, or foster children placed in your home. Dependent children are covered until the end of the month in which they turn age 26.
  • Your children, upon reaching age 26, who are prevented from earning a living because of mental or physical handicap, may also be included in the Plan so long as the child was eligible under the Plan immediately prior to becoming age 26. In order to the coverage to be tax exempt, the Dependent child must be claimed on your income tax return for each Plan Year for which coverage is provided. Adopted and foster children are covered on the date you become legally obligated to provide full or partial support for the child. 
  • The Plan will provide coverage for a Dependent child or children of an Active Participant if required by a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMSCO) as descripted in ERISA section 609(a)(2)(A). The Plan will provide coverage for a Dependent child or children of a Retired Participant if required by a QMCSO if the Retired Participant makes the required self-payments to the Fund.

If you are enrolling in the Plan as a Retired Participant and you want to enroll your Dependents, more than likely the Trust Fund Office will already have the documents from when you were eligible as an Active Participant. When you complete the Enrollment Form as part of your retirement documents, list only those Dependents you want to enroll in the Plan for Retired Benefits. If those Dependents are the same as those enrolled in the Plan for Active Benefits, you will not be asked to again supply the required documents. However, if you acquire a new Dependent after retirement and wish to add that Dependent to the Plan, you will be required to supply the applicable document(s) depending upon whom you are enrolling. There may be an additional cost to add a new Dependent.

How to Enroll Your Dependents

Complete an Enrollment Form and supply the required documents. 

Enrollment Forms

It is your responsibility to keep your enrollment information current including adding and deleting Dependents, as in the case of a divorce (deleting) or a newborn child (adding). These changes must be made in writing by completing the appropriate form(s). The eligibility of Dependents cannot be changed over the telephone.

If you divorce, as of the date your divorce becomes final, your former spouse along with any stepchildren, if applicable, are no longer eligible Dependents under the Plan. As soon as you know this date, you must act immediately.