How To Apply for Extended Dependent Coverage

Normally, your dependent child loses eligibility under the health and welfare plan at age 19.

There are circumstances under which coverage may be extended. For example, if your dependent child is continuing his education, he may be eligible for coverage if he fulfills the following requirements:

  • attends an accredited educational institution and enrolls for at least 12 units of credit per semester (or equivalent credits)
  • is solely dependent on you for support
  • qualifies as a dependent for federal income tax purposes.

To apply for extended coverage, contact the Fund Office before your child 's 19th birthday and request an Application for Student Extended Dependent Coverage or you can reveive the form online here.

If your child does not qualify for Student Extended Dependent Coverage, he may extend coverage by electing COBRA Continuation Coverage. For more information on COBRA, refer to your Health and Welfare Plan booklet or contact the Fund Office.